Photographer of Night, Light & Steel Wheels


Posed under the ex B&O mainline between Philly and Baltimore at the Baltimore Streetcar Museum along Falls Road sits Brill 6119
From the BSM website
“One of 150 “Baltimore” cars ordered by the United Railways and Electric Company These cars are called Peter Witt cars after the transit designer who promoted the front entrance, center exit car with a conductor’s station located just forward of the center doors…This allowed fast loading of passengers during rush hours.

Due to the Great Depression economies, all the Witts were converted to one-man cars. The total order of Baltimore Witts was 150, 100 from J.G. Brill and the balance from the Cincinatti Car Company. Car 6119 was built by Brill.

Restored during the 1980’s, this car design was used to collect data used in designing the PCC. Although designed as a two-man car, it served its entire life in Baltimore as a one-man car.”


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