Photographer of Night, Light & Steel Wheels

MARYLAND MIDLAND » 12021331545_077a4f689a_o

UBYS KEYMAR: Shortline railroading at its best. Having never shot the MMID before a couple friends and I set out to chase it’s run from Union Bridge to Highfield. However, we found out that that run would not happen until just about dark but a yard crew was headed west to switch the local fertilizer plant at Keymar. Here it is at KFI as 304 is spotting cars onto the siding as 302 holds the former Penn Central main that ran through Taneytown, MD, Hanover and York, PA. This was the only daylight move of the day. The blue and orange will soon be replaced with the G&W black and orange and upgraded power of 4 SD-40′-2s but in SD45 car bodies. 1/8/14


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