Photographer of Night, Light & Steel Wheels


GLEN ROCK MILL INN: GLEN ROCK, PA – The Northern Central Railroad York 17 stops at the Glen Rock Mill Inn for an evening excursion. The line built in the 1830’s-1850’s connected Baltimore, MD with York, Harrisburg and Sunbury, PA. It was purchased as a subsidiary by the PRR in 1861 and was in regular use until it was abandoned after heavy damage by Tropical Storm Agnes in 1973. Today the length of most of the line is used as a bike trail in York County, PA as well as Baltimore County, MD where the southern end is used as part of MD’s Light Rail system into the city.. Only 10 miles of track between Hanover Junction and New Freedom remain and is used today by “Steam Into History Inc.” The Mill built in 1837 is the oldest building in Glen Rock and was in use until the the 1960’s. The Mill was renovated into an Inn in the 1980’s and is still in business today. Lighting provided by Sean Hoyden.

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