Photographer of Night, Light & Steel Wheels


LAST GREEN OF WB: A “what if?” MARC P883 was due into Brunswick a little bit before 2030 hours on Friday December 9th 2011. CSX had the signal suspension called for 2045 hours. At about 2015 hours the high green appeared on the WB CPL signal by the Tower, giving its last aspect of its life. For whatever reason P883 sat at East Brunswick for about 45 minutes and in doing so ran into the suspension. At about 2110 hours, the aspect changed from green to red as all the switches in the yard were taken off power and into hand throw. History had been changed but P883 had not shown. Finally at about 2125 hours, the train arrives. Using multiple layers This is what should have been as P883 rolled by marking the end of the cpls watch.

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