Photographer of Night, Light & Steel Wheels


LEHIGH CATHEDRAL: It’s a balmy 14 degrees with a stiff breeze blowing as the UBTT (Union Bridge–Taneytown), brings out a set of hoppers from the Lehigh Portland Cement Plant in Union Bridge on January 24, 2014. MMID 303 makes its last appearance in the blue and orange and within days, the engine would be sanded down and repainted into the Genesee & Wyoming black, orange, and yellow scheme as CORP (Central Oregon & Pacific Railroad) 2063, where the unit will be sent once its replacement arrives. This scene was captured from atop a cut that was made when the railroad built a new spur into the plant. The spur, which opened in 2007, eliminated the famous street running along Farquhar Street in town.The street running down Fauquier Street ceased in 2007 but the new spur offers this vantage point. My shoes are frozen and my toes are on the edge of being frostbite. I guess the hot warmers can only do so much… 1/24/14

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